Unexplained Forever

True story. I’ve got a basic idea what these words mean, but I wouldn’t drop them into conversation lest I was well wrong. Hey my new book The Listening Agent will be out dead soon. I’ve seen it, it looks ace.

Oh, I post lots of stuff on my Tumblr, maybe you’d like it there?

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  1. Kwills

    Zeitgeist (which I can never spell) means “spirit of the age”. It’s a bit like a fashion, or a trend, but tends to emerge naturally rather than be deliberately “set” by any one person.

    A trope is a convention in fiction that we all accept as a given. See TV tropes for a full explaination

    Non-canon is a phrase that originally applied only to Holy Writ, but was adopted by Conan Doyle fans to describe “official” Sherlock Holmes stories from the sea of tribute stories and fan fiction. Since then, fans of all stripes have used it to mean “the official storyline”.

    To be honest, I never use “non-canon” or “Zeitgeist” either. Mostly because they feel more than a bit pretentious, really.

  2. wetfart

    Great stuff Kwills. Perhaps you could help me out with a phrase I can never quite wrap my head around – ‘missing the point’, what does that mean? I mean how can someone ‘miss a point’?

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