This is one of the pages from my retrofit comic (due out early next year) but also, just for fun, I hid a subliminal message to my girlfriend Steph within the background of it’s panels.

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  1. Mike

    Oh, that’s a lovely strip and a lovely message, even more subtle than I thought at first.

  2. bonbon

    That hidden message was pure genius! You have a nice style as well.

  3. christine

    Just read through your entire archive, and loved every single page. I’m lacking the words to describe how great I think it all is… so yeah, it’s great. The stories are lovely and the art is even better. Please please please keep it up!

    • Joe Decie

      Thanks Christine! The whole archive? blimey.

  4. Deepa

    Hope she said yes! After an original proposal like that…how could she not!

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