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  1. Hugh "Shug" Raine

    That’s kind of sweet!
    (In the traditional sense more than like, ‘dude, sweet!’)

  2. Tim Comrie

    Hi Joe,
    I met you at TCAF and got a copy of The Accidental Salad. I also gave you the first issue of my comic “Leisure” and you kindly gave me a copy of your grandpa comic in exchange. I just wanted to say that I was really happy I bought something from you on a whim because it’s beautifully done. Your washes and line work have a cozy, warm feel to them and I like your sense of humor. Some of my favourite strips are “Private Thoughts”, “Rasta Sauce”, “Love”(I like how the nice design of the strip enhances the joke), and “It’s More than OK, it’s Compulsory” (I like the way you handled the final, “punchline panel” in this one)

    • Joe Decie

      Thanks Tim. I enjoyed your comic too; I read it on the plane.

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