A break from the autobiographical stuff. Here’s my attempt at Jason Turner’s Page 100 Project. Pick a book, turn to page 100 and draw a comic. The book I chose was Women by Charles Bukowski.

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  1. vollsticks

    Oh, Mr Decie this is brilliant…I love Bukowski and I love your work, what a combination…I love your black and white toned with that minty green but seeing this in colour is a real treat for the eyes. Oh and your stuff in “Hive” 3 was great.

  2. Paul Peart-Smith

    Loving this so much.. Your watercolour technique is so good at capturing natural forms and surfaces it make me so very jealous! There’s a lovely atmosphere on this page. I especially love panel 3 where the fading out of the edge of the guy’s face somehow illustrates his state of mind in that moment so perfectly. Gorgeous.

    • Joe Decie

      An oldie but goody! I think it was just fluke that this page coloured so well…

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