Country Side

I probably won’t post any new strips for a while, I’m working on big things. But keep an eye on Twitter for all the news, Google+ or LJ for bits and pieces.

So yes, you can now buy copies of my book The Accidental Salad from Blank Slate. I’m really happy with how it came out, the quality of the finish and paper stock is second to none.

If you don’t want to order over the internet ask your friendly bookshop to stock it, they may already have it. ISBN 978-1-906653-50-7

it's an advert you should click on

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  1. zulutimeszulu

    Oh my Goddd color? Color! I want more color always forever for the rest of my life

  2. eric

    this is just fantastic… found you on Google +, had some comic creators in common. … this wash/watercolor picture box thing you have going is great.

    sidebar, really like your first, previous, next, latest icons. clever.

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